Thursday, October 2, 2014

OOTD: Skeleton Delight

Today's outfit of the day post is brought to you by Horus the Cat! Horus: Laying on your shoulder until it's in excruciating pain since about two weeks ago!

Anyway, I wanted to dress up on Tuesday...just because! All I really did was go with my best friend to her fiance's house to watch things. So I present to you, my favorite skeleton dress! Er, my only skeleton dress.

I'm pretending to be a model in a silly pose, haha. The dress is from Hot Topic from earlier this year! Or, last year...?It's brand is "Teenage Runaway!" I actually thought it was a shirt when I bought it, I was very happy to find out it's actually a very comfortable dress! Now for outfit details...

My makeup was pretty simple for the day, but I was wearing a new shade of lipstick - a Revlon shade called Violet Frenzy!

So that's it for this little update! I've actually had this sitting as a draft for about a week, oops!! But I plan to start updating much more frequently now!

Also, shameless plug, I've been updating a bit at my YouTube channel, Melty Bunny!!