Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mini Pre-Birthday Haul~

Today I'm going to talk about the fun day I've had yesterday and show you what I purchased as well as what my fiance got me for my birthday!

We were woken up super early by the sound of one of our pictures falling into the sink...but we didn't know that's what the noise was, so there was brief moment of panic. But it was kind of nice to be awake that early. We then decided we were up, so why not have breakfast at Taco Bell, since he had never had anything from their breakfast menu. I'm usually not a very adventurous eater, I like to stick to what I like, so I had the steak and egg burrito! After that we kind of just lazed about for a while. Then we ran a few errands, and then we were off to Opry Mills!

Here is a selfie I took~ I felt cute...

Last time I was there, I had seen a bag I really wanted, so the fiance said he would get it for my birthday!

Isn't it so cute? And large! I can fit everything into it! The texture of the fake leather is so soft, it feels very worn, yet durable. And now I finally have a bag I can wear across my chest again! I am in love!

Then while fiance headed to the mall's theater to check movie ticket prices, I headed to F21 again...I can't help myself. I just wanted to look at a hat... So I ended up getting this one:

I immediately removed the feathers, however XD It looks really cute! I'm not much of a hat person, but hats actually look decent on me. I'll probably get a lot of wear out of this hat this summer as most of my wardrobe will go with black! And then, I had to head over to the plus size section...and ended up getting a new swimsuit!

It has little cutouts on the sides covered in mesh, and the tummy part is ruched. I love it! ...D-do you want to see me in it? I'm a little embarrassed to post this but...

Yes, my thighs are as big as a small planet and my tummy sticks out, but...I like it. I think I look okay in it. Trying to be confident!! And, no, I don't know why the fiance's laptop is in the bathroom XD

After that, we went to a cheaper theater to go see Godzilla!! It was a really good movie, and a really good Godzilla movie. But I think my favorites are the older sillier ones...and ones with Mothra in them~

Today, we slept a little later and then went swimming with a friend. And there were beautiful thin people there, but I didn't cover myself up. I had a good time. Yay confidence! Please love your body, okay?

Love you guys!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Frivolities I want: Future Purchases!

You know what today is? Payday! The best day that comes every other Friday, early in the morning. I have so much on my Amazon wishlist, so many links saved to things I want to buy...but oh yeah. I'm an adult. That means I have things to pay for first, like my half or rent, and internet, and gas, and food...and then plans to go out with friends...and just little expenses here and there...oh.

So as much as I'd love to make weekly posts about things I've gotten, reviews on smaller artists's shops, and so on, I just can't. But! I can make a list of things that I know I'll be purchasing in the near future! That might be entertaining, right? Right? Sure!

These are in order to how likely I am to be purchasing them soon to something I'd just really like. I hope you enjoy! Links provided where they can be. 

First up is something I know I'll be purchasing when it comes out on May 30th! I've been a fan of Mario Kart since I first played Mario Kart Advance, and I've loved every one I've played since...except the original, haha. I think my favorite is probably Mario Kart DS. Best handling, portable, and so many tracks to play on! The only thing I don't like about this Mario Kart is the steep price tag...but...such is life.

Second are some sets of stickers! These I might actually purchase tonight, heh. Artist Kaiami has tons of stickers in her storenvy store, and at such a good price, too! She has drawn such things like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and more, and her style is just adorable! ...I just ordered three different sheets. Oops! I got introduced to this artist by fellow blogger Frillypinkdreams (my favorite blogger...she doesn't know I exist, hahaha). 

 The Karaoke Songstress Shorts in Cherry by Modcloth are just darling! And high waisted? And they come in plus sizes?? Count me in! One of the more affordable pieces on their website at just under $40.00, these shorts look perfect for the upcoming 95-100 degree weather we'll be getting around here. I've really wanted to experiment with high waisted shorts because crop tops are so in style right now and I, you know, have a big tummy and don't want to show it. The only thing is, I don't know what size to order them in :x But they have free exchanges, so if I get a size too big, I'll just change it out for a smaller size! These I might buy closer to or when I get my next paycheck. 

As I mentioned in my favorite Youtuber blog entry, yes, me and this girl differ on so many opinions it's not even funny. But I love her and her confidence. And no, she's not dumb, she just likes to act like it. Curvy and Loving It is her fourth book out, and unfortunately I haven't read any of them. But I really want to read them all, especially this one about loving your body no matter what size you are. The reason this isn't a bit higher on my list is because since going through a sort of...mental breakthrough a few days ago and making that post about loving my body, I've been feeling a bit better about myself and feel I don't "need" this book as much.

Next is...Rilakkuma items! While Tarepanda will always be my first San-X love, this little guy and his pal, Korilakkuma, have been creeping their way quickly into my heart. I don't know why I didn't like them when I first saw them, I guess because I don't really like bears. And maybe because they were so popular, I got sick of seeing them. But I saw a little Korilakkuma pencil case at work a few weeks ago, and since then, I've been obsessed with the tiny bears. I even purchased a Rilakkuma wallet! There are many items of course with these two mascots on them, but I think what I want most is a pillow, like the one pictured above. Of course items like these are kind of pricey, being big and most of them shipped from Japan. But, one day I'll have my own big Rilakkuma to squeeze. This leads me into my next want, which is...

Stationary and other paper supplies!! Again, through Frillypinkdreams, I found this website called JanetStore that has thousands of stickers, folders, papers, pencils, you name it! And the prices are so affordable! This A4 Ultraman folder is only $0.80!! ...The shipping however, is not so affordable. It is paper product coming from Japan, so understandably, the shipping will be a bit high. But the low prices of everything else make up for it. They carry all sorts of things with all sorts of mascots, such as Sanrio, Disney, Sesame Street, San-X, and more! I can't wait to place an order here!

The Very Big Sketchbook is exactly what it sounds like. It's a huge, coffee table-like book full of 300 blank pages for you to fill with whatever. This isn't practical at all as I won't be able to take it anywhere, won't be able to scan easily from it...but I want it. The price is of course steep as this thing is heavy, so this is going to have to wait a bit. But I want to know what sorts of glorious things I could fill this with!!

Next are fake nails, specifically Impress Nails. They're a few years old now. They're fake nails that stick on with adhesive instead of glue, and they stick on really nicely. At my job, I work with my hands so my nails don't stand a chance unless I get something like a gel manicure. So these nails are great for my off days - I can just stick them on quickly, and then use some nail polish remover to pry them off before I go to work. These nails are very affordable, they're a litle under eight dollars at most places I've seen them and they come in loads of different lengths and patterns. I even have some for my toes which I'll be trying out on my birthday! 

Lastly, we have some nice gel pens. I like my writings to be neat, yet colorful. Usually in journals or other notebooks, I only write in colorful gel pens, and I'd love to expand my collection. Sarasa is my favorite brand right now! I have some from Target I adore, but the tip is just too thick for my small writing. 

There you have it!! Of course, I'm not writing this to say, "I want you to buy this for me," or "I have money look at me," I just want to share some of my current wants with you!! 

What are some things you want?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pre-Birthday Fun! Forever 21/Forever 21 + Haul!!

I had such a very fun day today~! It's officially one week until my 24th birthday! I'm not shy about reminding people, haha. I don't care about if I receive gifts (but I appreciate them, of course) but I like to celebrate. I already know what I'm doing on the actual day of my birthday - going out to dinner with my parents and the fiance and then going to Dave & Busters with my two longest friends! But for the past few years, it's been tradition that one of my best friends, Erik, gets a cake for me and has people over at his place and we just generally watch stuff and catch up. That's going to happen next weekend!

I got to hang out with Erik today, as well as his super awesome girlfriend Ashley, and the fiance! We first went out to Dairy Queen and had some food. I've lost about seven or eight pounds since I started my job, so I figured a little treat was okay. Then we got coffee! My weakness! And then we were a little stuck for what to do, but didn't want to part ways yet, so Erik suggested we go to Opry Mills, which is the big mall in Nashville. So we made a trip of it!

Since the flood of 2010 and the re-opening of Opry Mills, there have been less "interesting" stores like a bookstore, a boba tea shop, a media store, etc, and more high-end clothing stores. Of course this gave the boys a lot to complain about, but me and Ashley loved it! It was so good to have someone to fawn over clothing with! I really only have one other friend I can do that with.

So we went many places, but in the end, we spent about an hour in the giant Forever 21. Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores, even if most of their clothes doesn't fit my body type. This one, however, also had a plus size section! I also have to say that my experience this time was very nice. Usually, especially at the one at the mall in my city, the shop people can be a little rude. But this time, people asked how we were doing, and the cashier was very nice.

Erik bought me three pieces of clothing and one jewelry item as my birthday present! So I figured a haul and review was in order!! I got from both the plus size section and their regular clothing selection. I'm going to be listing the size I have it in as well as the price of these items in case you would like to check them out as well. I'm so thankful to have such kind friends!! Also...I took these pictures on my phone, so they are kind of poor quality, especially the first one! I'm sorry! But, onto the haul~

Aaaah, blurry picture! There's a worn picture below, however. Anyways, I've never had a romper before, but I think they're so darling. This romper has a mesh top (covered up by the text ^^;) and two straps on either side holding it up. The back has a little tie area that holds together the top and opens up so you can put it on with ease. The waistband is super stretchy and comfortable! Great for just relaxing around the house. My one issue with it is that it's just a bit short when you sit down but...that's the style, so, what can you do? It's not that big of an issue.

Here's a picture of it worn! Trying to be okay showing my body! >_< And yes, the bedroom is a little messy, what are you going to do about it. As you can see, a 1X is not super form-fitting, but still not super baggy. Perfect! Actually, Ashley got the exact same one so we can twin!! I love this thing! The only thing that could make it better - pockets!

Next is another item from the plus size section. This picture does not do it justice at all, it's such a wonderfully light peach color with gorgeous lace detailing. As you can see, the back is a little open with the knot at the neck. The thing I love about shirts like these are that they're so versatile. You can dress them up or just wear them with some jeans and sandals! I can't wait to see what sort of coordinates I put together with this shirt! And look at that price!

This is the last clothing item I got, and not from the plus size section. It was also on sale!! It's no secret that I fell hard for the whole spikes and studs trend. And sheer? And high-low? Perfect. And the back is even open a little. Another small detail I like is that the buttons are covered by a flap of fabric so they aren't seen. Included with this was a little bag of spikes to replace any that fall off. I'm probably going to wear this mostly open as I don't think it can close over my bust, haha.

The final item I received was jewelry. I love F21's jewelry with a burning passion. Mostly because it's all at such a wonderful price. But I fell in love with this because it's clear (a huge trend right now) and iridescent (I just realized I spelled it wrong on the picture...)! It's a little clunky and gaudy and I think that's another reason why I snatched it up. This was the last of its kind there, but I also saw similar bracelets in an oil slick-type color, yellow, and black and gold.

As usual, I'm very satisfied with my purchases at Forever 21/Forever 21 +. Their clothes are affordable, comfortable, and on point with current trends. I saw a few other things there I might pick up when I go shopping at my local one next (like a floppy hat? can I pull off a hat?) I also want to thank F21 for even having a plus size section at some of their stores. I hope that they can integrate F21+ into all of their stores in the future, so girls and guys of every size and shape can wear cute clothing~!

Until tomorrow, please be happy and love your body!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Music Recommendations for May: It's Almost My Birthday so I Choose What I Want!

I love sharing my music tastes so much with others. So, I decided to make a monthly post showcasing new favorites and old loves. This isn't so much a "top x" list as it is a themed list. I won't be offering download links (sorry, this isn't the early 2000s) but I will have youtube videos up, except for the first song where I couldn't find a YT link and I'll link to the Bandcamp page instead.

Since it's my birthday month, the theme for this month's music recommendations are songs I'm really into at the moment! No really correlation from one song to the next other then I like them hahaha. This month I'm showcasing six current favorites and six older favorites!

I'm going to put the disclaimer here that I am not a music person…I like it, but the extent of any music studying was a mandatory class in sixth grade. So if I describe things weird or mis-genre anything, I apologize.

This is from Lake Rdio's newest EP, Dreams Are Gone, which I fully recommend. In fact, I recommend Lake Rdio in general. Their songs are usually triply and dream-like, erratic and calming. This EP, and this song in particular, are more like traditional songs, however, while still retaining a dream-like quality. While the message of the song may be thought of as sad, I love to dance around to it.

Ninja re Bang Bang

I got into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu late. I liked the idea of her and her Pon Pon Pon video, but I didn't like how over-hyped she was and how everyone thought she was the most unique thing ever. My favorite group is another group produced by Kyary's producer, Yasutaka Nakata, called capsule, and like many other capsule fans, I felt Kyary was stealing the limelight and not very original. But after seeing her art director, Sebastian Masuda, speak at my old university, I gave her another chance and fell in love. I love many of her songs; they're all very cute and catchy and somewhat calming, despite their high energy. But I think this one is on this list because it's the most catchy to me!

Spooky Scary Skeletons 2spooky Remix

Yes, this is a very silly song, and it's not Halloween anymore. I heard it first during Halloween, so maybe this doesn't really count towards my recent favorites, but I only recently found this video with this particular remix. I know this is going to sound so ridiculous…but this song kind of speaks to me. Because I want to be a spooky scary skeleton, too!

Doctor Who theme trance remix

The theme to Doctor Who is obviously not a new concept to me, but while looking up music remixes the other day, I found this. I think it's the well-placed "EXTERMINATE" that really got me hook don this song, as well as the fact that they used the classic theme instead of a more modern one.

Summertime Sadness Remix

It took me forever to find this version of the song. Apparently this isn't the "official" remix, but it's the one I know and love best. This is such a gorgeous song by Lana Del Rey and the remix makes it even better. I love dancing around to this and feeling like I'm in a breezy meadow somewhere remote.


This is the last of my "current" favorites. Purity Ring has quickly become one of my favorite groups. This song is so dream-like and oddly comforting.  This song kind of wraps around you like smoke. It reminds me of music festivals and summer nights. I'm glad they're becoming more well known, I hope they release more music soon!

kimi wa suteki

The first of my old favorites! This song I discovered on a whim from an old LiveJournal music community maybe back in 2008. It's by the band FLOPPY! It's so happy and colorful! The title translates to "you are wonderful" (which is where I get my Twitter handle from) and it's just very all-around positive.

Dream a Dream

This song is by the late Captain Jack, who has done several songs for the Dance Dance Revolution franchise, this being one of them. It was instantly my favorite from DDR Max 2 (my first DDR!). It's such a fun party song. Secretly, I imagine this being the opening song to my comic that I want to create. It sounds like adventure and fun!

Armonica Elettronica

I'm not quite sure how I found this song by Kodec. It's definitely a clubbing and party song. It's kind of like…futuristic. It reminds me a bit of robots. Gosh, I'm terrible at describing music.

I Can Walk on Water

This song is the English version of another song by Basshunter. I also don't remember how I discovered this song, but I'm glad I did. The lyrics are very simplistic and repetitive, but they helped me keep my chin up during a hard time. It's also fun to dance to!

Hey Baby

This song by Pitbull is purely sexy. It reminds me of being at the club with a lover (I say this like I've been to a club with a lover) and having them push you against the wall and make out with you. The music video is unfortunately really boring.

Illuminati (p-type)
(TRIGGER WARNING: Blood and mild nudity in the video)

Oh, Malice Mizer. They were my first band obsession. I'm sure I'll talk more about them later, but when I hear this song, I was instantly hooked. It's such a hypnotic, circus-y song. And no, this song isn't about the secret organization that doesn't really exist. Just give it a listen.

I hope you enjoyed some of these! What are your favorite songs right now?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

~Sunday Funday~ Friends and Lolita!

Today was a really great day for a number of reasons! Firstly, I hung out with one of my best friends, Chelsea! Chelsea and I have been friends since seventh grade! That's twelve years ago! We met because of our love of anime and Harry Potter!

We got coffee and went to the mall~ Neither of us had much spending money, but we walked around Sephora and ogled everything. Personally, I'm loving bright colors like Urban Decay's Electric palette and Sephora's in house brand liquid eyeliners in pink and yellow!

We also went to Hot Topic, and I decided it's been too long since I dyed my hair :x So I might dye it teal again? I don't know! Maybe pink again? Ummm…I don't knowwww. I think a darker color would look good on my shorter hair, so maybe purple? Thoughts?

Then we went to Hastings where I saw my friend Davey. She bought some movies there, and some popcorn! And when we got back to my apartment we watched Pineapple Express. Neither of us had seen it before, and it was pretty funny.

While we were watching it, I was browsing through a lolita sales comma…and I saw this set for sale:

It's a replica of Milky Planet, headbow and waist ties, another headbow, socks, replica bag, and jewelry! And the price was very reasonable! So I asked the seller to hold it until I get paid on Friday morning, and she said yes!! I'm getting a new dress and all these accessories!

Now, I wore replicas about a year ago, and then I decided I want to support the brands instead and that my replicas weren't of the best quality. So I'm a little conflicted here. But the real Milky Planet is a dress that I couldn't normally fit into. And yes, I am trying to lose weight. So one day, I'll sell this dress and get the real thing. But for now, I think it's okay. I also justify it's okay because one of my lolita idols, Princess Peachie, wears replicas, hahaha.

I'm very excited because I haven't been into lolita in a while, and buying this has sparked my interests. I don't quite know where I'll wear it yet…there haven't been any meets in my comm lately that I want to/can attend…and honestly, I feel very distant from many of the other members of my community. So maybe I'll wear it alone, maybe I'll ask a lolita friend to join me for an outing, maybe to a convention of some sort, who knows.

I hope you all had good days today too!

Learn to Love Yourself

Isabelle wears what makes her happy no matter what anyone thinks!

Self love is something that I struggle with often. I focus more on my flaws then I do on the positives. A lot of times when I look in the mirror, I do not see a girl, but a monster. I see fatness and ugliness, a weird voice and messed up thoughts. I don't see creative and pretty. Sometimes I hate going out because the thought of people looking at me makes me want to cry. But who cares what they think!!

Yet I preach often that everyone, no matter what, is beautiful and everyone should love themselves. So why do I exclude myself??

I keep thinking once I lose X amount of weight, I'll be happy with myself. But if I'm not happy with myself now, will I really be happy then? Won't I just keep focusing on the flaws, still?

I am trying. I am trying to love myself the way I am. I don't know where this self hatred stems from, but I want to CRUSH it. So, I wrote down some self love thoughts and quotes that I am trying to live by; hopefully some of them will help you as well!

Take care of yourself. Eat something healthy, hydrate yourself, take a bubble bath.

Do more of what makes you happy - gaming, drawing, etc.

Would you say the same things you're saying about yourself to another person? No? Then why is it okay to say these things to yourself?

Every day is a new opportunity.

You say "Everyone is beautiful," this means YOU are beautiful!

Life is NOT a competition.

Chill out.

Celebrate every victory, big or small.

Forgive yourself.

It's OKAY to like - even love - yourself!

Face your inner and outer obstacles.

The past is the past for a reason.

Accept where you are right now.

Practice the love you aspire to receive

"The lies you believe are what keep you from embracing the beauty you've beheld this whole time"

"There is this nagging voice in my head that tells me I can't but I think I'll hold on a little longer and prove it wrong."

You are not your mistakes or faults.

You have nothing to prove.

Start TODAY. Not when you lose weight, not when you acquire X, NOW.

Focus on what you have, not what you lack.

Believe you are the best you. It's true!

Dress, act, and do what you like (as long as it's not hurting others!) no matter what anyone thinks.

I hope some of these, you take to heart and write them down somewhere, keep it, and read it often. I have mine in my journal, bookmarked so I can turn to it every morning and read these things. The journey to loving yourself does not happen overnight and I'm sure I'll be making another post on this subject at a later time as I face my own self loathing. But bit by bit, I hope both you and I can learn to love ourselves no matter what size we are and no matter where we are in life and be happy every day.

Selfie from a few days ago. I give you all hugs and kisses! 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Sailor Moon Dub and Releases? What Sailor Moon Means to Me~

I'm not going to tell you how many hours I slept last night because it's embarrassing, but it was a lot. But in the middle of this sleep I woke up and scrolled through Twitter, and found the announcements made by Viz Media - that they had the rights to both the original 200 episodes of Sailor Moon and the impending Sailor Moon Crystal and that they were going to be streaming an official sub and releasing that along with a brand new dub on Blu Ray! Of course I was much too asleep to be properly excited, but after waking up from a very dark Sailor Moon dream, I realized just how amazing this all is! 

I have every episode of Sailor Moon in some form or another. I have them all digitally. I have everything aired on Toonami on VHS that I would record obsessively. I have S and SuperS on DVD. And then I have Stars on VHS and VCD. I love them all.

Sailor Moon was my very first anime. It was my first obsession. Not only did (and still do) I try to collect every single piece of merchandise - licensed or not -  that I could, but I would use my imagination to make my own. I pretended I had the largest Sailor Moon collection ever and that I knew the most about it. 

More importantly, it fueled my inspiration to two of my greatest passions - drawing and writing. I would draw every day, whether it be copying scenes from the manga or making my own, and take them to my doors. I would write elaborate scenarios and stories involving all the sailor senshi and even a few I made up myself. I had drawing and writing and storytelling before, but I think I wouldn't have loved it quite as much if Sailor Moon wasn't there for me. 

Now, I want to be a comic book artist. That is my number one goal in life. I draw a lot of inspiration from various aspects of Sailor Moon and other things that it led me to. But moreso the attitude inside the manga and anime..."you can do anything you set your mind to." The lead character is a lazy student, but saves the world over and over again, through hardships and complaining and self doubt. She believes in herself and her friends and family and they all back her up. 

I don't know. Perhaps I'm just rambling because I love it so much and it's such an important part of my life. But Sailor Moon is something that saved me. It was there for me when I felt no one else was. It's a constant inspiration. And, you know, it's just a pretty good show. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kawaii Power Up Review!!

This shop can be found HERE!

(Apologies for not posting in a few days just wears me out so much that I pretty much fall asleep right after I get home and completely neglect everything else...)

So! This is my first review on this blog, and unfortunately it's a short one because I only ordered one item! But, I know I'll definitely be ordering from this store again, so perhaps I'll post another review once I do. 

This is a review of the shop Kawaii Power Up, which can be found on Etsy. It can also be found on FaceBook, Twitter, and on Instagram, @kawaiipowerup. This shop specializes in kawaii and nerdy accessories! I found Kawaii Power Up when I was looking for cute dust plugs, and that is what I ordered, which I will get to in a moment. The first thing I noticed was the adorable and unique banner with the sweet mascot! This shop has very varied items, not just the usual things that your typical kawaii accessories shop seems to have. Also, while the quality is very high, the highest price I saw on any of the items was only $18! Here is an example of some of the products I really like:




There are a lot of things at Kawaii Power Up I really like and I'll definitely be ordering myself a few things from them as an early birthday present!

Onto what I ordered. I ordered "Fairy Kei Moon and Star dust plug" in the shimmery lavender colorway (center). I needed something dangly for my new phone.


It's listed as seven dollars, and I believe only went a little over eight with shipping. As with most Etsy stores, buying was easy enough, I didn't have any additional instructions to add, I just clicked how many and which color and that was that. I ordered it...I believe on Saturday night (because Friday night wen I got my money I was fast asleep...) and I received it today, on Wednesday. Wow! That's super fast. It came in a standard, small bubble wrap packaging, and was small enough to be left in my mailbox. 

The first thing I pulled out was the well-designed business card (again, cute!) which is made out of a nice material...and there was a gift attached! A cute, sweet cupcake hairpin!

I find that when shops like this give little gifts, it really gives me more incentive to buy from them and recommend them. Also I like to keep the business cards, not only as a reminder of where I got something from, but as decoration!

The owner also included a little thank you note on cute paper, another sign that this shop really cares about your business (excuse my short, unpainted

But what really made me squeal was that under the green bubble wrapped mass that was my order, there was...

A BUNNY BAG!!! I will definitely be keeping it, and if not using it for myself, using it for sending something to someone else!! It's the little details that count. Now, onto the actual order...

It looks exactly like it did in the picture, which is good. The actual plug, as you can tell, is tinted slightly purple, which I didn't realize when I bought it, but I really like. Details! There is a clear, blue star hanging close to the moon and three smaller stars making their way up to the plug. And how does it look dangling from my phone?

Very cute, of course! It fits in very snugly. I would say almost a bit too snugly, because I was afraid that if I tried too hard to pull it out again it might snap the ring attached to it. But I know that it will stay in, at least, until I get more to change it out every now and then. Past dust plugs I've had would occasionally get pulled out in my purse. 

So, overall, Kawaii Power Up get's all tens in my book! The only recommendation I would have for the shop is to offer various sizes of lucky packs (but I'm a sucker for lucky packs, so...)! The packaging was fantastic and kept the product safe, it was shipped quickly to me, and the dust plug is super cute! I highly recommend checking them out!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Depression Sets In? Top Ten Favorite YouTubers!!

Apologies for not posting in the past few days. I've been kind of down, and yesterday was literally the worst day in ages. Ugh. I remember when my depression first really took over me. I couldn't do anything. I was a lifeless shell, pretty much. But one thing that made me smile a bit was certain YouTubers.

This isn't necessarily a list of those YouTubers who cheered me up then, but rather my all time favorite YouTubers right now. Of course, many of those people who made me feel alive again are on this list! Some of these people are well known, others aren't, and they all make videos about different things. I hope you find someone you like here!

And you can find my new YouTube account here. Where are the vlogs I promised? Well…I filmed two more, and now my computer won't recognize the SD card or the cord. Huh. One day?

Drew is a new find for me, but she still makes the list! It will become evident as you read this list that I like vloggers who make fashion vlogs! I love her goth-y, cute style. She is absolutely beautiful and her personality is so fun! Definitely check her out if you like alternative fashion.

Sammie is one of those vloggers I found when I was in my dark time. I don't remember how, but one of her videos popped up in my recommended videos list and I gave it a watch. This is when I fell in love with beauty vloggers. Sammie is absolutely adorable and has a really unique fashion style. I've been following her for a while, and I've really seen her grow. A lot of times with beauty vloggers, I watch then not necessarily for the video content, but because hearing their voice and seeing their smile is like having a friend talk to you. She's one of the "bigger" beauty vloggers, but still check her out. She doesn't let her popularity go to her head and remain true to herself. And she was going to school (I don't know if she finished yet or not) to become a mortician, how cool is that??

8. Sycra

I found this user through a tumblr post. Someone was saying he had discovered the "secret" to drawing perspective much easier. I gave it a look and…yes he did. He has a lot of cool drawing tips and hints that I never would have thought of! Sycra also reviews art programs and critiques art, as well as showing his own art and doing art tutorials. I honestly haven't watched many of his videos yet, but definitely recommend him if you are an artist!

Peachie is one of my favorite two lolitas! She's a sweet girl and sweet lolita, and I just love watching her sugary, frilly videos. Her world seems so interesting, she's one of those people I really just want to be friends with. She's also a very strong girl, for many reasons. I love everything that she does, if that doesn't sound too creepy, haha. She's an excellent lolita who wears mostly Bodyline and offbrands, also, which is really cool in a fashion filled with brand snobs. If you like lolita fashion, give her a watch!

I've mentioned Blogilates before in my "Weight Loss for Beginners" post! Cassey has revolutionized making exercise fun with her pop pilates videos. She is so happy and bubbly, and in each of her videos she is very encouraging. It really helps you complete the workout! And if you don't have a lot of time, her videos are short, so you can just put on a few and get a whole workout!

Oh, Jon. I was introduced to him through my fiance, who watches more gamer videos then I. Jon has a great sense of humor and his editing is just fantastic. He doesn't do let's plays, but rather reviews, both on YouTube and Normalboots. I can't really give him enough praise, so just check him out.

Kozue is a lovely girl and a fantastic dancer. And did you know she played KozKoz in Akibaranger? Anyway, she was another wonderful person I found when I was truly down, and her smile and dances really cheered me up. I can't explain why.

Like Jon, Caddy has a very unique sense of humor and his video game videos are so different from the norm. Me and the fiance just started watching him about a month ago, but we've since watched most of his videos because they're all so great! As you can tell, I'm not good at describing video game vloggers, haha.

Yes, I disagree with a lot of this girl's views and actions. But Trish is such a lovely, wonderful person. She doesn't just make beauty videos, but those are probably the videos of hers I like the most. Trish has dreams of making it big, and I really want her to succeed. And before you insult her intelligence, you do know half her current videos are jokes, right? I don't recommend Trish for everyone, but she is a lot of fun.

Her name is Bunny, too! Honestly, she annoyed me a bit at first, but I thought, "Her name is Bunny, so I have to watch one of her videos!" So I did, and I fell in love. Bunny is probably the most unique person on this list, both in terms of fashion and personality. She also suffers from depression and anxiety, and I think that's one reason why I connect with her on a deep level. To be honest, I'm not liking a lot of her recent videos, they seem to be aimed more towards what her viewers want to see rather then what she wants to make, and she always says certain phrases because that's what her viewers want. But her videos from about two-three years ago…I must have watched her old videos at least five times each. Like I said, it's not always about the content, but about having someone there, talking to you. My love for this girl is endless. I want so badly for her happiness. I'd recommend checking her out, maybe watching some of her outfit of the day videos first.