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KawaiiClaires Review!!

Hello! Today I'm going to be doing a review here (my first "official" review??) of my friend Claire's Etsy store, KawaiiClaires! She sent me a lovely package filled with a sweet letter, candy, some adorable pastel handmade headbows, hadmade soaps (which I can't show because I used them all up!), and the items which I'll be reviewing today! Claire is a really crafty person and she seems to be always making something new, whether it be soaps, phone cases, DS cases, or jewelry.

A selection of some of her items~

KawaiiClaires is located in Canada, and the theme of her store is, of course, kawaii! Her package arrived really quickly from when she sent it out, and everything arrived very nicely; all the jewelry in individual fabric baggies which I thought was a good touch.

Here is how the package arrived to me; featuring the headbows, soap and candy!

Although these items were free in return for doing a review, her prices are very affordable! I'll get to the individual prices when I review each item, of course, but for example - the large flower necklace above is only around $7! (I say around because the exact one I received is not on the site for sale)

Overall everything is very clean, very nicely made. I don't know anything about resin making, perler beads, or decoden-esque crafting, but everything seems to be very high quality and nothing scrimped on! So, let's get to what she sent me!

This review is obviously going to be picture heavy, so be warned! 

Firstly is this pixel Pokeball pin for $7.50! I wore this on my badge when I was at Colossalcon! I have a thing for pins and badges and such, and the Pokeball is something so recognizable to so many people. This badge is about 2", so it fits anywhere you like! If you like this design, she also has Pokeball headphone holders!

Detail on the back and pin

Next is this adorable strawberry pink heart ring for $3.54. This ring could easily be a staple piece in many peoples' cute wardrobes! It looks a lot like a piece of candy to me!

Although it's hard to see from my pictures (and that's my fault ^_^;) the color isn't just a solid pink, but it has little flecks of red inside! I think what I love most about this piece is that it's not at all small! I love big pieces.

You can see a bit of the flecks of red here. As you can see, it's not a small piece, but it's not so huge that it would hinder your hand movements. I've worn this out and about for a while now, and it's very sturdy and holds up nicely!

The second ring I have is this cute decoden whipped sparkle ring, also for $3.54! This ring is a must have for fairy kei, decora, or even sweet lolita! This ring is a perfectly swirled dollop of whipped cream decoden with chunky glitter all over!

This ring has also been worn quite a bit and it's very sturdy as well. I have lots of decoden pieces from lots of different people, and unfortunately some of them don't really hold up. This one has held up through me reaching in my cluttered bag, worn at a busy convention, and other daily wears.

What I think is the best thing about this piece is how unique the glitter all around it is. On a lot of pieces like this, you see very small glitter, but this one has bigger dots and strands of glitter which really stand out and look like sprinkles atop whipped cream! 

Next is the first of four necklaces, and unfortunately I only have one picture of this necklace for some reason. This piece is the most simple of the four, but still very eye catching! It's also the smallest, but I consider it still very sizable. This necklace has a pastel pink and pastel purple merging with each other with glitter all throughout. It reminds me of Nerds candy! This one isn't on her Etsy right now, but I'm sure you could request it!

This necklace is probably my second favorite! Please excuse the glare on this picture. This exact one isn't on her Etsy, but she has many similar piece with other tumblr-esque/sassy phrases, such as this one that says "I hate you"! 

This piece is extremely shimmery and shiny, and definitely catches the eye when you wear it out! I'm really into the offensive sort of tumblr phrases (I'm not sure how to describe it?) that she puts on these necklaces. 

As I said, I really have no idea how resin pieces such as these are done, but I really love how the phrase is put inside of the resin itself. This whole necklace looks like a glittery lollipop to me, with the glitter frozen in mid-swirl. I really, really love things like these. I love wearing this necklace out in the sun!

Second-to-last is this adorable purple glittery kitty necklace! This one also isn't on the website right now, but again, I'm sure you could special request it! Something cool about this necklace is that if you hold it in the right light...

You see the kitty face! Much like the last piece, the glitter on this necklace is extremely glittery and shiny. The glitter catches the light no matter which angle it's turned at! 

Again, I think the glitter Claire used is very unique compared to other resin makers. It's huge and very reminiscent of the 90s! All the edges of this piece are very clean, and you can tell she took care when she makes these pieces.

Lastly is my absolute favorite necklace! Like the heart necklace, similar pieces with other tumblr-esque sayings can be found on her Etsy, such as this one that says "I ship us" for $7.50.

I think my favorite thing about this piece, besides the fact that the shape reminds me of some jewelry I had when I was a kid, is how big it is! The entire necklace fills up the palm of my hand, so it's definitely a statement piece! 

I love that the huge pieces of glitter inside the resin change color from a yellowish color to a green, it definitely compliments the color of the resin. I honestly just can't speak highly enough about this piece, it's so sturdy, yet not at all heavy to wear, and just so very adorable!

So, that's it for my review! I'm also going to be doing a review on my vlog later tomorrow, so I'll be posting that here if you want to watch me actually hold and move the pieces and see them shine and such in the light!

I can't say just how much these pieces make me smile. Yes, I'm doing this review because Claire is my friend, but I truly do believe that these pieces are well made, fairly priced, and completely cute! I hope you all check out her Etsy store and perhaps order an item or two, or share her shop to your friends!

I hope you all enjoyed this review and I'll be writing soon~

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