Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 2015 Favorites!!

Hello! I'm a little late for June, but I wanted to get this out! I didn't have too many favorites this month, but I did really enjoy some clothing and video games! So, let's get started~!

I mentioned this in a previous post, but - SPLATOON! When this game was first announced I wasn't too thrilled, but the more and more I saw of it I wanted to play it! For a while, I just watched my fiance play the game while I drew fanart, but now I'm playing it often and I'm in love! This game is so fast and fun and colorful and everything I could have wanted from a multiplayer game. Plus, everything is just so cute!! I highly recommend this game if you have a WiiU. If you want to add me, my name is meltybunny!! 

I really got into Harvest Moon the past few months. This was in my last favorites, wasn't it? This month is one of the newer games - The Tale of Two Towns. This game in the Harvest Moon franchise is unique in that at the beginning of the game - animal-loving town or the Asian-inspired crop town. Of course you can have animals and crops in both towns. I'm really loving these newer games as they add so much more to the world. I was lucky enough to get this $10 off while in the eShop. I also got A New Beginning, which may very well be in next month's favorites!

For my birthday, I wanted to get a few things from the new Forever21 that opened up in town. One of the things that I got was this lovely dress in pink! It comes in black also, but I feel it's much more charming in pink. This dress has such a good fit and lots of movement at the bottom. Forever21 and F21+ has really been putting out some good clothing lately!

These shorts also came from F21+, but from my bestie about a week ago! Unfortunately, they appear to be sold out of every size on the website, but there are probably still some available at your local store! I've been wearing these shorts practically every day since I've gotten them - they're so comfortable and cute! I love distressed clothing so much and this has just the right amount of distress without going overboard.

Might as well get the rest of Forever21 out of the way now! This ring is something else I got for my birthday at the end of May and wore throughout June. Nothing much to say about this; it's a very simple piece with a moon and star on it. I love cosmos!

Crystal Necklace - ??? from Forever21

This necklace I can't seem to find anymore on the website, but I did get it during my mini F21 shopping spree. I love crystals, real or fake, and this necklace has a really unique build. It goes with so much since it's clear and silver. I love it!

Flower Tumblr Saying Necklace - $7.50 from KawaiiClaires

Claire's shop is on vacation now, so unfortunately I can't link to the item right now, but I'll update when it's back! I already did a huge review on a bunch of her items, so you all know how much I love her pieces, so I'll make this short. This necklace is so big and sparkly and eyecatching! I'm in love with how cute this is.

This isn't a new product for me, as I got it in a set from my parents for the holidays. But I never really used this nice bright purple color until this month! It's so space-like and wonderful. I wear this when I have my hair in buns and wearing a 90s tattoo choker! The quality of Kat Von D's lip products is so good. It lasts so long and usually doesn't smear!

Purple/pink hair - priceless

This is my hair for the month! I believe I already posted about breaking my no-dye promise, but I added some purple to the top to give it some dimension and I love it! I guess also faux septum rings could be a favorite, haha. I love this one but it broke; I need to fix it ;(

And those are my favorites for the month of June! What were some things that you loved last month? What do you think you'll be loving in July? I hope you're having an awesome day and thanks for reading!!

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