Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May Updates!

We took a walk the other day~

Hey! Hi! Hello! Let’s try this blogging thing again-again! I guess instead of a long written out thing I just have some bullet points for now.

I have been married for over a month now. Um…nothing new to report there, I guess! Our wedding and reception were very nice and fun! But aside from that, nothing has really changed since we had already been living together, haha. But of course, we are happy.

We also went to our local Jazz Fest!

In a week, we are going on our honeymoon to Walt Disney World! I love Disney World so much but I guess I don’t show it very often, or I don’t really have the chance to. This is the first time I’ll be on a plane without my parents, and the first time my husband and I will be on a trip alone (well, as alone as one can get at Disney). Surprisingly, this makes me feel more like an adult then paying taxes or anything like that.

After we get back, I turn 26! Ah! 26 sounds older. Not older like, you know….older…but, older as in, definitely not a teen or young adult. Just adult. Since my birthday is literally right after we get back, I don’t have any plans aside from eating with my dad. But that’s nice too!

An adult.

A bit after that, we are moving. The apartment complex we live at now was wonderful at first, but now they don’t care about the people who live here at all. I cannot rant about how frustrating this is enough, so expect a blog or video about this in a month or so, haha. We’re not moving anywhere special, just another apartment. But we’re planning to only stay there a year, and while we are staying there we will be saving up money so we can move into an actual house~!

And that is what I have in my future for the next few months. I have some bigger goals I would like to dive into in this year, but I need to figure out the steps I need to take to get there. I’ll probably talk about these in one of the next upcoming posts. 

Until then, here is a vlog I made recently about my favorite things in the month of April!

Have a nice day~!

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